Hugh Gusterson


“But it is worth reflecting on what, taken as a body of literature, the ensemble of anthropological writing on the university largely, if not entirely, leaves out . . .”

“administrators, university presidents, trustees, admissions officers, librarians, alumni, fundraisers, budgets, faculty, graduate students (currently in the US news for their attempts to unionize), academic journals, financial aid bureaucracies, accreditation practices, professional academic societies, curricular debates, the social organization and content of research, janitors and food preparers, and the role of social class in university life . . . There are some exceptions to these generalizations: Alexander Posecznick’s (2017) study of the admissions bureaucracy at a struggling college serving largely minority students…”

-Hugh Gusterson, Professor of International Affairs and Anthropology, George Washington University, author of Drone: Remote Control Warfare and Why America’s Top Pundits Are Wrong: Anthropologists Talk Back. (2017). Homework: Toward a critical ethnography of the university AES presidential address, 2017. American Ethnologist, 44(3), 435–450.