Scott Jaschick


“Ten years ago, Creating a Class: College Admissions and the Education of Elites (Harvard University Press) provided an unusual look into the admissions process at a competitive liberal arts college. The author, Mitchell L. Stevens, an associate professor of education at Stanford University, embedded himself in the admissions office of a college. He was permitted to quote from admissions discussions but not identify the college (although Inside Higher Ed did so — see our article here if you want to know).

“The book was widely praised by admissions experts and still is cited. Indeed many of the pressures Stevens discussed remain at liberal arts colleges and have, if anything, worsened.

“But very little in the book applies to the colleges most students attend — institutions that admit most of their applicants.

“Alex Posecznick is aiming to fill out the story, having used Stevens’ technique at ‘Ravenwood College,’ the pseudonym for a private college that let him observe the admissions team in action for a year. “

-Scott Jaschick, Co-Founder, CEO and Editor, Inside Higher Ed (2017, June 5). Author discusses his new book on admissions. Inside HigherEd. Washington D.C.